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There have been 2994 games played so far today.

 Top 20 Rated Games

City Siege 2: Resort Siege 10.00 /10
Cyclomaniacs 2 10.00 /10
Ball and Chain 10.00 /10
Utopian Mining 10.00 /10
Smoking Kills 10.00 /10
Hedgehog Launch 2 10.00 /10
Thanks Tanks! 10.00 /10
Miami Shark 10.00 /10
Hedgehog Launch 10.00 /10
American Racing 10.00 /10
Beach Catfight 10.00 /10
1066 10.00 /10
Zombotron 10.00 /10
Cursed Treasure: DTMG 9.96 /10
Turbo Golf 9.95 /10
Zombieland 9.95 /10
Bloons Tower Defense 3 9.84 /10
Totem Destroyer 9.82 /10
Soccer Balls 9.82 /10
Infectonator 9.78 /10

 Popular Games

4 Wheel Madness29410 plays
Max DirtBike22026 plays
Adrenaline Challenge18706 plays
Dirt Bike17971 plays
Ultimate Flash Sonic16373 plays

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